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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fashion and Weather

I am a Fall (Autumn) girl. I love the Fall! Let me be more specific because in different parts of the world Fall may have different weather. I love the temperature to get no higher than 73 degrees fahrenheit and don't mind it to get down to 58 degrees fahrenheit. I know, very specific degrees but it's true. I love partly cloudy skies and a slight breeze. Unfortunately where I live fall hasn't really shown up... we had a few days and then it jumped back up to the 80's and 90's YUCK! I want to wear my jeans, boots, long sleeves, jackets, sweaters and scarfs!

Speaking of clothes I have recently been more focused on my style choices and I am SO happy! I actually am skinny enough to dress in skinny jeans and loose shirts! Yes I said loose shirts! You know the sheer shirts that are loose and you still have a silhouette visible that is slimming... You aren't filling out the loose top. I have several of those tops now and also some form fitting sweaters, and a few tops I can't really describe but they are definitely something a few years ago I would have never even thought of as an option especially for myself (teal skinny pants too!). I have a monthly budget for new fall/winter clothes because I don't fit in any of my old stuff and don't have much in the way of clothes for that weather. I can't wait until next month for more shopping! Pictures to come!