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Friday, September 4, 2015

Speak Up September

HAPPY SEPTEMBER! And Labor Day weekend!

September is my favorite month for a few reasons, 1. it starts to feel like fall my favorite season 2. My birthday month 3. my anniversary month 4. My daughters birthday!

So yeah September is full! Since my daughter starts school in September it is even more full now! So of course I almost forgot to do this today! I actually started blogging and then when I went on YouTube I saw Emily's Speak Up video and thought oh yeah!

We appropriately talk about work, since ya know, labor day!

Something I forgot to mention in my video is that I am in a Country singing competition called Country Showdown (click here to see my page and hear me sing) and I won this past month at the local level. September 19th I compete at the State level and I am really excited about that but as we are discussing in our topic, it takes work. It takes time and effort into picking songs, practicing songs, critiquing yourself, fixing small things to get the song as perfect as can be. And lets be honest it takes work to not have anxiety about the whole thing. So keep up with me and send your prayers that I win because it's a good chunk of change to win State and $100,000 if I get to Nationals and win... plus this is kind of my dream career.

Without further ado here is my contribution to Speak up Link up this month:

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