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Sunday, May 29, 2011

More Premier

I need to book 6 parties this month to help me get $200 more in jewelry for my business... if I get 9 I get $100 more. I have pictures of the jewelry I currently have to show. If you book a party before July 4th I will throw in a free ring up to $60.00! That's on top of the hostess benefits. I really really just need to get booking from outside my circle of family and friends. I need to reach my family and friends, family and friends. If you could help that would be amazing!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Premier Designs

So I REALLY love the jewelry I sell and the awesome Hostess plan I get to offer that give people seriously free (except the tax and $4 for shipping which we can't ever avoid!) jewelry it gives people. My first hostess show I got all 4 $25 dollar bonus's and 30% of the Jewelry FREE plus 8 items 1/2 off because my party made over $500 in retail. So I got $439 in FREE jewelry, which gave me 15 or 16 items for my Premier Business that I get to have for my self but show off to show people how great it is. 

I am really focusing on savings right now and this I pray helps a lot. I am really excited about the things this is allowing me to do, such as Melissa Paoloni's Cancer Fundraiser. I get to have a show in her name and donate 90% to help her pay for medical bills. This is an answered prayer for me. I want to be able to save and be more generous. I prayed about it and he gave me an answer right away which I love. She will be getting all the free jewelry from this too. She will have a tangible memory of our love for her.
That is the Flyer and info for the Fundraiser. PLEASE spread the word and pass this around.
With that here are a few pictures of the jewelry

 The Next Pictures are the same necklace just different ways

I will have more pieces tomorrow, as that is when my big shippment comes in. This is all I got today but It's exciting. I need bookings to keep up my business so if you can please book a party, get some free jewelry and relax. I love doing this.

On another note, I have been thinking about my miscarriage lately and that I never had a "funeral" like I wanted to... I still want to... do you think it's too late?

Friday, May 6, 2011

COUPONING!!! 5/6/111

Today was awesome (and it's not over!)
I bought all of this today for only $55.26... at RALEY'S! and SAVED $41.40!!!!! That is 42% savings!!! 

It was awesome! I got Salsa, Chiles, Pepsi and a free movie ticket for... FREE!!! (Plus I forgot to get my FREE fuze drink because they are on sale 10 for $10 and that makes them a dollar... I have a $1.00 off coupon! That my friends is AWESOME!!!)

All except 5 items had coupons and on sale, 2 of those 5 were still on sale and the other 3 I needed for a recipe. This is name brand stuff cheaper than the generic! Plus not only did I save 42% I get $.10 off Aisle 1 gas! Every penny, in this time of rising gas prices, saved is a blessing! 

First I would like to Thank God for letting couponing be reviled in it's full capacity at a time when I NEED to save money to pay bills! 2nd extreme couponing for showing me how it can work, 3rd my friends who have given me tips on where to get coupons! I love you all!! Lol... I know I am being dramatic but think... if I save 42% every time I shop for groceries (which I always need and so do you!) I will be able to have food in my house and pay all my bills and who knows maybe start keeping money in my savings account!!!

There will be more to come!