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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bunches of stuff

So what is up with gas prices? Can I say price gouging? I mean I saw over a $.40 increase in less than a week... this economy sucks and gas prices going up really isn't something that should be happening at all. You'd think they'd put more effort into a country that most rely on vehicle transportation to make sure the people who are being hit by the economy can at least attempt to make it to an interview or prospect jobs. If they can't, they can't spend money, if they can't spend money more people have to shut down their businesses and so on a so forth. What the heck is going on in this world... more like what's not I guess.

Enough about that... On a more positive note! My daughter made a little tinkle in the potty today!!! Now she is so excited to sit on the toilet even if nothing happens and claps her hands and says pee pee!!! It really is hilarious! Oh and yes I have decided to try potty training... and yes this early. This may start some mommy minds going thinking I should wait but all I have to say is I have heard MANY stories on this and every kid is different. I think she is ready to start learning. She is excited about it and that is a good thing... do I think she has a clue what is going on yet, not for the most part, but that is my husbands and my job to teach her, as my friend put it that "she can control her functions". I am excited about it. If it's too soon I will find out shortly.

I have been watching Deadliest Catch on Netflix for a while now and I am finishing the last episode (that is on Netflix) today... The boat the Wizard was out for like 6 weeks and the deck hands made $81,000!!! Seriously!!!??!!! That is insane... but I wouldn't do there job if they offered me $5 million! That is just not cool... I mean I hardly ever sleep but I don't run around doing physical exercise for 16-48 hours straight... no way! I am kind of sad that this is the last episode. I love watching the weather and realizing how much control we don't have over things. When you see the huge wave take on MASSIVE boats, it's just like WOW God, you are BIG lol!

Anyway... keep praying for the changes on the possible move (almost seems inevitable now), some new ideas have come up and it is out of our hands so I just pray it all works out for everyone. I was looking again at some apartments that do affordable housing and we qualify for one to pay $611... but the wait list is closed and long, the others were $782 and they were also closed and long... I feel like I can't win. I am applying for jobs and following up with leads and it's absolutely dead. So I just have to keep my eyes up and know that God knows better than I do and he wont give me anything I can't handle without him. We'll see what our taxes bring, still waiting on our refund number.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

I need out!!! and Adoption?

I need out! I am so sick of just going going going, being busy busy busy with just daily things and cleaning things and baby things lol! I just want a night out to not have a huge plan! Just a few drinks with some close friends. I had a pretty good evening with my husband which was MUCH needed... we've been going through some stuff and haven't connected for a while. It's tough. But now he is wiped out and zonked out lol. But I just want to d-stress and relax or let loose with some people. Dance maybe I don't know. Just something fun that isn't everyday stuff. Am I alone? I have "cabin fever" as some people say. But flat broke doesn't get you very far lol!

We might be making some big changes next month... in a few area's. If conversations go well. Pray for us as we start talking more about these things and making decisions that they are God's will and good for our little family... SPEAKING of family (great transition lol)

With one of my best friends having her 4th kid Friday and seeing my daughter play with her 3 kids I was watching so her and her husband didn't have to worry about them and could take the time they need with the new baby, it has made me think. I have been pretty dead set against putting myself in a situation of life or death by having another baby physically BUT the thought has been crossing my mind that I want another child within the next 2 or 3 years... so maybe we should start looking into adopting now because I know it can take a long time to adopt. But we are not in a position to have another baby right now... but if we don't take the step of starting the process how far are we pushing back the date of having a child? I don't know. Maybe I should talk to some new doctors and see what the risks are again for having another baby physically. It is really scary though.

I blog to get things off my mind and my chest. I know some people read these and I really like that, especially when I get feedback. That is what I love the most. I love having other opinions and advice especially from people who have the knowledge on what I am talking about, like switching McKayla into a twin bed... LOVE the fact that I had help making that decision because it was more affirming that so many others though what I was already thinking and did it and had good results. So Please comment and on anything I say or ask. Life is a big Journey and we were not meant to walk it alone.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just got a little sad

I am sitting here on the computer sending out emails for an event coming up in the next few weeks, McKayla is sound asleep in her little bed... which as promised here are a few pictures.

Now don't mind that because of the insane amount of drool she has from teething she is somewhat dressed like a boy at the moment but I can assure you she is not. lol anyway...

But I am sitting here after I sent out my emails looking at facebook and catching up on my friends out of state and I see this picture:
And it made me sad, for a few reasons. First it reminded me of my miscarriage. Even thought it is coming up on a year since I miscarried it still can feel like salt in a fresh wound sometimes. It totally sucks. I am not in tears sad but just sad, like a part of me is missing, because it is. Second, I just found out a friend of mine miscarried... I feel her pain too. I mean I can relate completely. She has 1 child and then miscarried and so do/did I. It hurts, and yet you have to be strong or feel then need to be strong in front of the child you are so blessed to have had. It's a roller-coaster and is not easy to get over. I knew times like this would come and still will but it is weird what can just spark up that emotion again. This makes sense since it is a picture of delivery, but sometimes it doesn't have to be anything to do with children or pregnancy at all, it just happens. Hmmpphhh... one day... one day we will meet our babies in Heaven all perfect and beautiful. My hope lies there. Thank you Lord for that comfort.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bed decision and Glasses

SO! We called up my cousin and told her I wanted the Twin bed and BAM we went to get it! Great decision! Thank you to all who confirmed my thoughts! She LOVES it! She was running around on it and squealing out of excitement, My cousin also got me a really cute bed set to put on it! What a nice gal! I got all the sheets washed and dried but the comforter still needed to dry so I will get a pic of that up tomorrow. Very happy with this transition too. She was OUT after about 5 minutes of laying down. Also I can lay down with her if I want, which I don't very often because she thinks it's play time but I could if I wanted to. Nice to know.

Next up! I got glasses!!! I am actually embracing the fact the I need glasses for distance and to correct my astigmatism. I think that is how you spell it but really I have no idea... that was what spell check brought up lol!!! I am thinking of them as an accessory. I was worried of what my husband would think but he actually really likes them! Yay! He isn't the kind of husband that would just lie and say they look good even if they didn't so I am glad. What do you think?

Wow 2 blog posts in 1 day! I am on a roll!

Taxes and my Daughter

So I am finally writing another blog! I can't believe how off track I got.
I have been trying to do the meal planning as the budget allows, but it hasn't exactly been great. I made a few other dishes I still need to upload but it hasn't been as organized as I would have liked because of the budget. Hopefully our Tax return is awesome so I can get these creditors off my back and get our second car running. If we do that then we might not move...

Oh I didn't tell you? We might be moving. I really don't want to, but I also really don't want to be struggling like this every month. It is very frustrating. It seems like we are short between $50-$200 every month and then something has to get put on the back burner. I keep rotating every other month the things I pay. So If I paid Smud last month I will pay something else this month... ect. It isn't fun at all. I am praying we get a lot of money from our tax return. I really don't think we will get this much BUT if we did get $7000, I'd pay off our only financed car at the moment and then we'd have $210 more every month! That would be ideal and then... it would be ours!! That is our biggest debt at the moment, not too bad if we were in a different income bracket lol! But I'd really prefer paying off these ANNOYING credit cards... ugh... never again... really NEVER AGAIN! I will not have another credit card. I will put the payments I have been making to them in savings and create an emergency fund instead of using a credit card as an emergency fund.

Another thing I'd like to talk about is my daughter moving out of her crib. She was scaring me in the crib so I finally said forget it, I don't care if we don't have a cute little toddler bed, we will have one soon, and put her mattress on the floor. I wanted to see how she would do too. She didn't do too bad. I laid down with her for probably 20 minutes, but she just beat me up lol! She knew what it was for, she laid down on it but when I left she got scared. I think the bars of the crib provided a sense of security. She ran to the door and opened it twice, then all the times after that... there were quite a few, she would run to where she could see the door and then just stand there with her stuffed lion and cry hysterically. After, I don't even know how long she finally settled down and fell asleep on her mattress. I checked on her about 2 hours later (to make sure she was in a a deep sleep so I didn't wake her coming in and have to start the process all over) and she was so cute cuddled up with her stuffed animals and blanket.

This morning she had a whole new experience getting up and playing with toys instead of calling for me to come get her out of bed. I had blocked the door with a toy bin stand so the if she tried to escape I would hear her and be able to react. She saw it then just went back to playing lol. She had a blast. I think she is ready for this change. I just can't wait until we get the toddler bed...

Question to mom's reading this... I have the option of getting a twin bed for her right now and it has a bar to prevent her from falling out... should I skip the toddler bed and go straight to a twin since it is free? and then I wont have to buy a bed for a long time?  Feedback much appreciated.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

February KROD!!!

This month I am hosting Edwin!!! You can find him on his blog >>> http://myadultbrain.com
I had fun watching this one he really likes his song choice I love it! And here is his video for Feb 2012
KROD Blue Suede Shoes from Edwin Schippers on Vimeo.

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