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Thursday, September 20, 2012

What a day!

My favorite blogger Emmy from Love woke me up this morning nominated my blog today for

I was really excited to be nominated by her! If you click THIS you can check out what the award is and who else she nominated! 

If you are coming to me because you saw this on Emmy's blog WELCOME! I am so glad you decided to check it out!

Today was a pretty grand day! (Did I just say grand?... Well it was!) It is my 4th Anniversary to my Best Friend and Husband! I can't believe sometime that it's been 4 years... but sometimes it seems like much longer since we have been together 7 1/2! I am very proud of our marriage though; It has not been a fairy tale that much is for sure! It has been an amazing ride and one I gladly would do again.

I write a lot about the stuff that goes on in my daily life and a lot of that has been missing my husband so much this year because of his job working nights. We have seen each other probably half as much this year because of it. It has made this year a challenge and one I believe we are successfully (most of the time) overcoming. We know it will not be permanent and that helps.

Tomorrow we are celebrating as tonight he had to work... which sucks! I am so excited to go out to a nice dinner without our daughter and just reflect and talk about us. I can't wait!

This morning I woke up to this super cute gift

It's kind of hard to see BUT it was really cute and thoughtful... He wrote on the mirror to make sure I saw it first thing in the morning. It says:

Then underneath that it has 3 pictures, the 1st says best date with a drawing of me on the tail gate of his old truck under the stars (which was our very first date and I loved it!) then an arrow to a picture of us married and then another arrow to us with our daughter (who has a comment bubble saying Mommy Daddy! which she says all the time)

It was really cute especially with the note he left on the counter. It made me feel so much more special than a store bought card and just made me laugh because it was really cute and funny. Also pretty awesome that I got nominated by Love woke me up this morning and literally it did :)

Also my 2 favorite TV shows premiered tonight (Parks and Rec, and The Office), which I didn't get to watch BUT I know it is there to watch and yeah I am a bit excited. I actually chose to watch the 2 episodes of Parenthood I missed! That show always makes me cry somehow because it's real life stuff they deal with and if you watch it you probably understand why I watch it.

Now it is way too late for me to be up AGAIN, but I have a few things to do for friends tomorrow and then it's sleep, work and a Date with my handsome husband! I can't wait!

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