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Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 is a NEW YEAR!

If you are reading this... WE DIDN'T DIE! The 2 or three times that ya know... the end of the world was suppose to happen in 2012. Just goes to show that no one knows when the world will end. SO let's talk about the things I want this year to hold and you can share with me what you want this year in the comments below :)

So one of the first things of this year I would like to see happen is a typical new year resolution, I want  to loose weight BUT this year is MUCH less than last year because I lost about 45 lbs last year! I only want to loose 15 lbs! Reachable! I want to loose this by mid march at the latest! I am doing body by vi shakes to help me loose those extra pounds. I am ok with where I am now but I don't want to settle for ok, I want to get my body in the best shape I can. Along with the body by vi shakes I am working out as I have been since I started getting back to my pre-baby body.

The second thing I want to do is get out of debt and increase savings. I don't want to owe anyone anything again. Debt is slavery and I do not want to  have it anymore... The only debt I want to have is when we buy a house some day... if we ever decide where to for sure live.

That leads me to my 3rd goal which is move out of my Mother in laws house and hopefully into a house and not another apartment. I want safe neighborhood with a house, it doesn't have to be big but at least have a yard so we can play with my daughter and make it our own for the next little bit of time we are there. I don't want to buy a house because we want to move out of state and we would like it to be easier to make that transition.

Also I would like to start a book club! I love reading now, and if I can't find time to physically read I listen to audible.com books. I listen to books all week at work and it is great! I want to start a book club this year, even if it is small.

Lastly I want to try out new churches and find a good fit for our family where we can be a little involved and trust them. I want to start singing at church again. I miss it.

So in review here are my goals:
1. Loose 15 lbs
2. Get out of Debt/grow savings
3. Move out into a place we can settle
4. Start a book club
5. Find a new home church

I feel my goals are all realistic and obtainable with a little work. I will need encouragement and a few pushes to keep some of these but I think I can do it!

Now if I can just not be sick, I can get moving!


  1. These are AWESOME goals, and I totally think you can do it! GO SANDY!!!!

    1. YAY! lol, thanks for the encouragment! I am on my way! I have been doing Zumba this week and think I am going to do it 3 times a week :) SO much fun burning calories doing Zumba! Other goals are coming along as well :)