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Sunday, July 7, 2013

I can't come up with a clever title

I miss blogging. I really need to find time to write more often and more regular.

I am going into my 3rd week of online college tomorrow at Grand Canyon University, and it's a pretty easy class right because it's University Success. University Success focuses on the online navigation through the system they use (LoudCloud) and navigation of resources you can find online. SO being from the technology age and having grown up using computers and having to type my papers in Jr. High and High School this class is easy. This doesn't mean it's not time consuming. I spent a good portion of today doing a "Scavenger Hunt" for a ton of things GCU has available online, I could find it on my own but they made an assignment where I actually needed to create a word doc for it and turn it in... it was like 6 pages long....

I am going for my degree in accounting, and since this class focuses on communication and navigation it will be interesting to see how you have discussion questions and classroom conversations in mathematics. I mean posting a question about a book or getting an opinion on psychology is different because you can have opinions and different points of view but in Math... 1+1 always = 2... so I think it will be interesting to see how that goes.

On the other hand in my personal life I am running 2 5k's in the next 2 weeks and ate like crap this weekend. I had a TON of fun with family and friends, but I had the 4th of July BBQ and 2 birthday parties, then a night out with friends at an Irish Pub and then hit up a lounge so alcohol was involved and most people are aware they don't really make "skinny" drinks calorie wise. So this next week is shape up and work it off week to say the least.

Aside from that I am pretty sure I am going to have a blast at these runs... Call me crazy but yes fun! One is an after dark run through the old part of downtown, the other is Rugged Maniac which has over 20 obstacles! I can't wait!!! I am doing both with friends so it should be hilarious!

I finally made time a few weeks ago to add some songs to my YouTube page so check these out!

Now leave a comment and have a good rest of your day/night!

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