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Friday, March 6, 2015

Speak Up Link Up - Truth

Hello everyone that is visiting me!

This month I talk about some truths in my life. Ya know life is crazy,  insanely crazy and if you knew what was going to happen... well I guess that would be pretty boring. I was excited to share this video with you! I love this Speak Up link up that was formed and encourage you to jump on in for next months topic Celebration! You can take that in any direction you choose, but just SPEAK UP!

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I'd like to add one more truth that didn't make it in my video... I have been blonde (naturally) all my life, until last week when I got my hair done I found out my hair has become light brown... not blonde... that just seems weird after being blonde since birth...

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  1. Hello sweetie! I'm so glad that you're doing these videos... we are also going through hard times (financial ways) so I would appreciate some prayers, positive thoughts and good vibes.. :) It's neat that you'll get your first tattoo and I like the simple but special concept. Please show us after it's done :) I'm a tattoo person...I like more than a few... but they help me express myself and for being 26, I don't regret a single one. Well thanks for sweetly sharing whats on your heart and I might do a written link up to this, I'm so BAD on video. <3

    1. Hey! You need to do a link up! Thank you for letting me pray for you money troubles are so hard! I am 26 turning 27 this year so I think I have thought about it long enough that I won't regret it!

  2. I'm sorry it's been a rough two months for you, Sandy. I hope March is a far better month for you! Congratulations on your new job! How long have you been there?

    Having a supportive boss, flexible schedule, and a constructive work environment are priceless. I'm so glad you've found a job that combines the three!

    1. Hey Annie!
      Thank you for the congrats! I have been there a little over a week but I am optimistic and excited about my future there!

  3. Girl, ugh, I'm so sorry for the tough times (in all the ways). Sometimes being an adult is just SO NOT EASY LIKE HOW IT SEEMED AS A KID. :) You're doing it justice. Really, I promise.

    PARENTHOOD. Does it make you laugh so hard and cry so hard and all the feelings? I'm just now in season three and I'm just like NO WAY. I've also realized I have to be careful with my timing when I watch it because I want to cry sometimes! :)

    Of course, I'm a fan of the tattoo idea. My warning: they're addictive. I know it sounds ridiculous to hear that, but they are. One turns to a half sleeve before you know it! :)

    1. I hear that it is addicting lol. I just finished Parenthood! SOO GOOD! Bawled my eyes out at the end, and other places but a good mixed emotions of happy and sad at the end lol. And as for the sucky stuff, it does totally suck sometimes but we grown and that is usually amazing!