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Friday, August 7, 2015

Speak Up - Restoring Creativity

Here is my vlog for this months topic!

It was a hard one for me because I just couldn't think of much but I got enough footage thanks to watching Amber's vlog ideas!

Also make sure you are watching my VEDA (vlog everyday in August) on my youtube channel! I log doing VEDA and we have various topics through out the month, so tag along with me!

Here is a link to Speak Up link up as well
Mr. Thomas and Me

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  1. WAIT, I LOVE your bangs. They are like 302918429038410978 kinds of adorable.

    And I adore that you did your vlog this way too! I love the look at little snippets of the lives of other people and THIS is just that. :) You're a certified artist girl! :)