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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Premier Designs

So I REALLY love the jewelry I sell and the awesome Hostess plan I get to offer that give people seriously free (except the tax and $4 for shipping which we can't ever avoid!) jewelry it gives people. My first hostess show I got all 4 $25 dollar bonus's and 30% of the Jewelry FREE plus 8 items 1/2 off because my party made over $500 in retail. So I got $439 in FREE jewelry, which gave me 15 or 16 items for my Premier Business that I get to have for my self but show off to show people how great it is. 

I am really focusing on savings right now and this I pray helps a lot. I am really excited about the things this is allowing me to do, such as Melissa Paoloni's Cancer Fundraiser. I get to have a show in her name and donate 90% to help her pay for medical bills. This is an answered prayer for me. I want to be able to save and be more generous. I prayed about it and he gave me an answer right away which I love. She will be getting all the free jewelry from this too. She will have a tangible memory of our love for her.
That is the Flyer and info for the Fundraiser. PLEASE spread the word and pass this around.
With that here are a few pictures of the jewelry

 The Next Pictures are the same necklace just different ways

I will have more pieces tomorrow, as that is when my big shippment comes in. This is all I got today but It's exciting. I need bookings to keep up my business so if you can please book a party, get some free jewelry and relax. I love doing this.

On another note, I have been thinking about my miscarriage lately and that I never had a "funeral" like I wanted to... I still want to... do you think it's too late?

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