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Friday, May 6, 2011

COUPONING!!! 5/6/111

Today was awesome (and it's not over!)
I bought all of this today for only $55.26... at RALEY'S! and SAVED $41.40!!!!! That is 42% savings!!! 

It was awesome! I got Salsa, Chiles, Pepsi and a free movie ticket for... FREE!!! (Plus I forgot to get my FREE fuze drink because they are on sale 10 for $10 and that makes them a dollar... I have a $1.00 off coupon! That my friends is AWESOME!!!)

All except 5 items had coupons and on sale, 2 of those 5 were still on sale and the other 3 I needed for a recipe. This is name brand stuff cheaper than the generic! Plus not only did I save 42% I get $.10 off Aisle 1 gas! Every penny, in this time of rising gas prices, saved is a blessing! 

First I would like to Thank God for letting couponing be reviled in it's full capacity at a time when I NEED to save money to pay bills! 2nd extreme couponing for showing me how it can work, 3rd my friends who have given me tips on where to get coupons! I love you all!! Lol... I know I am being dramatic but think... if I save 42% every time I shop for groceries (which I always need and so do you!) I will be able to have food in my house and pay all my bills and who knows maybe start keeping money in my savings account!!!

There will be more to come!



  1. fabulesslyfrugal.com
    and google coupon matchups
    they match your stores weekly ad with coupons for sale items to maximize your saving!

  2. I use those :) plus passionforsavings.com moneysavingmom.com and a few others, but just by going to the company's website that puts out the product I found some coupons they did not :)