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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sunburn and more

Yesterday I had a plan and I stuck to it... maybe a little too well! Here was the plan, early lunch to get my daughter down for a much needed nap, then go outside by the pool and get my tan on, then work out for 30 minutes in the pool. I never really know how long to tan because I am very fair skinned. Well I have been wearing a bikini for most of the summer now after my weight loss and firming work outs. BUT because the first few days it was warm enough for swimming I was in a 1 piece swim suit and that started my tan lines... well my stomach was still very very white! So I put sunscreen every where but my tummy so I could get a little start to getting some color.

Here is before and after.. 
White belly

Red Belly with (with weird white spots that didn't burn )

After a hour or so it got angry red... HURTS!

This is also on my back, thighs, and a little less red on my top half. Luckily I wore a hat so my face and head didn't get burnt. I laid out too long but the problem is my skin didn't show me that I had hardly any color until  well after I came inside... so now I'm just using a ton of Aloe Vera and taking as hot of showers as I can stand to draw out the heat... and suffering lol.

Maybe it's from the sunburn maybe not but, I have been really wishing for fall weather. I love Fall! It's totally my favorite season for many reasons. I LOVE the feel of fall, the trees changing color, pumpkin patches, baking, pumpkin spice flavor comes out at the coffee shops, and cute fall clothes. There is more but I think you get the point, I LOVE FALL! I am already thinking of things I can do in fall with my family and about the new clothes I will need for the season. What's your favorite season?

Also I am going to HAWAII in 9 days! (Which is why I was trying to get a base tan!) so aside from wanting fall I am really wanting to get there! I can't wait to see it's beauty! I think my sunburn will have toned down by then lol! I don't have much money to spend there but I think I will still enjoy the environment. I plan on bringing my running shoes and running along the beach, I am looking forward to that. We will be in Maui, so if you have been what are some cheap things to do? I'd love to hear from you!

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