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Friday, June 8, 2012

Personal Goals

Today I am am in a good mood. I didn't wake up that way that is for sure! On top of the fact that I just don't go to sleep well (almost EVER!) my husband works nights and got home at about 4am (after I fell asleep at about 2am) and I realized I had to pee... worst feeling EVER! When you are all comfortable and in a good sleep that is the LAST feeling you want to have. It means you must get up or face serious consequences if you don't! That reminds me watch this...
 It is just funny to me... but maybe not to you... just thought I'd share.

 SO anyway... I get up to pee and then my husband starts talking to me, which is GREAT... but not at 4am... then I couldn't go back to sleep. I finally do then shortly 6 am comes around and who's awake? My daughter. I was SOOOOOO tired and really didn't want to be up let alone take care of someone else's needs! BUT being a mom, I got up and praised God there was coffee and made myself a cup after getting breakfast for my daughter and hated every moment of the morning. About 10am either the coffee kicked in or my body just forgot it was exhausted and was awake. I took McKayla to her last day of swim lessons and had a great time! She fell asleep in the car on the way home.

 You are probably asking "Why is this posted called personal goals?" well now I am at the point where I am about to tell you.

 I put McKayla down for her nap and debate on sleeping myself or again doing things I should be doing with the small amount of hours these days seem to have. I decided to eat lunch and work out. I have worked out everyday for a while now... EVERYDAY! I posted on my facebook my progress of weight loss and size recently and tonight played guitar for worship team, THE ONLY GUITARIST this time! Shockingly I was impressed with my playing!

 I feel like I am doing really well by sticking to working out, even though most times running I hate every minute or most minutes of it. As well as playing guitar more frequently (but I don't hate those I just get frustrated). Now I am no record setting runner, or Jimmy Hendricks on the guitar BUT I am achieving my personal goals and it feels AMAZING! I thank God that he has finally put this drive in me to push through! Thanks to that I have lost 3 inches on my chest and waist and 1 inch on my thighs and arms since May 1st 2012! I am in a size 6 pants and had to go buy a new dress for a wedding this weekend that was a size 8! It felt really good! I don't want to boast but just want to tell people that I am proud of myself and all the hard work I am doing. I can only be thankful to God for the drive to get it all done and accomplished. I was sick of feeling fat and like the baby weight would never go away. I just bought new running shoes today (eek on the price!) and can't wait to use them!

 What are your personal goals? Are you or have you achieved any of them? I want to be encouraging and share about the things we are struggling with and the accomplishments we achieve!

I will post a picture in a few days of the outfit I just got for the wedding on Saturday! Super Cute!

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