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Monday, January 12, 2015

More direction

     So here we go again, 2015 is here and this year I intend to blog more because I enjoy it and the blogging community. Things in life sometimes get in the way of what I enjoy and sometimes that is for good reason. I have homework, a daughter to take care of, a marriage to nurture exercise to do and responsibilities to maintain. I have had this blog coming up on four years now and I think it's time to take it in another direction... well to take it in an actually direction would be more accurate.

     Over the last four years I have grown in so many areas and just changed with time and I think for the better. No I haven't hit perfection and frankly I never will, but it's time to reflect some of that in this blog. Who knows maybe one day I will break away from Googles formatting and get my own domain which will only happen if I progress in blogging.

     So in the last four or five years I have become an avid book lover. I never knew how much fun reading could be! Being forced to read things that were uninteresting to me in school gave me the opinion that reading was boring. I couldn't have been more wrong. Two years ago I found reading so enjoyable that while working at a job doing monotonous tasks I was introduced to audible. Audible basically took over the next year of my life forty plus hours a week and made commuting over an hour to and from work much more enjoyable. I stumbled upon Diana Gabaldon and her Outlander series and couldn't be stopped. Since then I searched for a book club, tried to start one then moved out of state before it could really go anywhere. Fortunately I was invited to an online book club that I could get new titles from and interact with other book lovers. To be honest I skipped a few books because there are a few books (anything involving vampire relations... or vampires in general) I don't care for. I am also an extrovert so in my new little town I made friends with another book lover by chance and FINALLY got invited into a book club.

     The first book I was introduced to in that club was The Red Tent, and then Unbroken and let me just stop there because that book was AMAZING! And you should read it... the movie can never live up to the book. See the movie if you want but it really had very little to it when you know what the books real meat and points are. Aaaannnndddd back on track to my point... I want to discuss books, music, religion and yes still things about just me and what is going one BUT I want more defined posts and direction other than just ramblings all the time. I joined Speak Up  this year so that will be apart of this years blogging once a month, but I want to guest blog and have guest bloggers who love to blog about the same things. If you have topics for this type of blogging please send them my way. I'd love your suggestions, comments and support for my newer direction with this blog!


  1. Yay back to blogging! And holy cow how many book clubs are you in? Lol