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Friday, May 1, 2015

Speak Up - Growth

SOOOO this day kind of snuck up on me! Anyone else think this year is going by crazy fast? I mean MAY already? And I know I totally should have realized it because every year I am one of those Facebook people that posts the Justin Timberlake picture with the caption "It's gonna be May"... I mean hello!

Anyway I am glad I remembered because I have some exciting things growing in my life and I really love to share and hear other people share. So without further ado check out my vlog below and then don't forget to check out all the linked up vlogs on Mr. Thomas and Me  that hosts with Annie and put this shin-dig together!

Mr. Thomas and Me

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  1. YOUR FIRST HOME! Congratulations! SO much growth. (Also, completely COMPLETELY understand the way things can be stressful with the timing... I struggled with that too and we weren't in any sort of rental agreement where we were.)

    Also adoption. EEEEEEEEEEE. My youngest brother is adopted. He is so so so incredibly dear to me, to our family, and life without him would be unimaginable.

    It sounds like things are wonderful right now. And that makes me incredibly happy for you. (and i'm so thankful you come here to share them!)