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Friday, June 5, 2015

Speak Up: Picnic

Well, Hello!

It's time to Speak Up!

This months Speak Up topic was picnic. Perfect topic for the weather we had here in my town today. Today caught me off guard as it seems to every first Friday of the month even though I remember prior to the day I need to film. Some things I didn't mention in my video are the my husband and I are very excited to be getting more involved in our church in our new town. We have been here 9 month! We still love it and are seeing God move and grow within us. My daughter graduated preschool this week and very unexpectedly I bawled my eyes out. BUT without further a-due here is my video on this months topic.

***Disclaimer... my hair sucks, but I am getting it done tomorrow!

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  1. Let me be honest, I have always hated hiking, but Jason loves it. He just LOVES it and so, by the power of marriage, I've learned to love it and crave it.

    Congratulations on preschool graduation! :) Isn't it bizarre how weirdly emotion things can feel? When my brother graduated from middle school I couldn't believe how sad and proud and excited (all in one) I was for him!

    Your positivity about the house and the adoption and just all the way the cards have fallen is beautiful. You're a light girl, for sure a light.