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Friday, March 30, 2012

Feeling like Limbo

Hmmm where to start, where to start...
We are in the middle of a move... this move is a blessing for sure but I hate moving. I hate the middle of moving too... I have a bunch of stuff to pack but can't exactly pack it yet because I have to use it and am running out of space for walking in the living room lol! It's taking FOREVER to move this time it seems. 

Next, I am still looking for a job... and apparently so is everyone else! Oh and the pool of jobs is REALLY small. I had an interview and even a 2nd interview and I didn't get it because I have too much experience and too much of a drive to move up... hmmm... Totally sucks! I just want a job that I can do a few hours a day to make money to help out and save and be able to rent a house in 6 months so I don't have to live in an apartment again. I want a backyard for McKayla to play in and space to possible expand my family in the future... I want to live there for a few years... and AFFORD it. I have NEVER in my life applied for so many jobs and only hear back from 1, and I have actually never had a job interview that I didn't get the job. It's really weird and I am really sick of looking for work. I just get more disappointed everyday even though I am trying to stay positive. 

Is it me or is life getting pretty depressing on this earth for a ton of people. I have things that are looking up but it's the trying and trying that is exhausting and depressing. I feel more sad now than I ever have (besides the miscarriage). It's affecting a ton of area's in my life, and I feel alone sometimes. I miss my husband, and it just really sucks because he works nights and it's a strain on our marriage and it never seems worth it to me when the paycheck comes. It's not enough to me, not enough with all the other hard things we are going through. I HATE his work schedule, but I love that he actually likes it, but it makes it that much harder of a situation.

Weight... UGH... I have 15-20lbs still to loose and I am stuck at a plateau. I have been considering a bunch of different thing like training for a 5k or joining a soccer  team, going back to Zumba, HCG Diet, Curves or Weight Watchers... I don't really know what to do because I wont run alone outside and don't have anyone to run with. Zumba is had on my plantar faciitis and other stuff costs money... I don't know what to do. I have changed my diet, done a ton of moving things which increases my exercise and still stuck at 153-155... ERR!!! WHY!... Stress maybe?

Seems like I blog more when I am down... sorry if I am always depressing but it's a lot of how I feel lately and I don't like that. I just need to get it out.

On the bright side I got my hair done and I love it!!!

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