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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Good day(s)

Today was a great day! A few things happened that were really great! #1 I actually had a nice person help me at the DMV! I KNOW RIGHT!?! CRAZY!!!  If you follow me at all you know financially times have been hard for us, so back in August '11 both are cars were due for registration and one also needed a smog... Yesterday I finally got it smoged and today I finally got it registered... So I had late fee's bringing it to $174.00. The nice DMV lady asked if I had ever been late before and I said no and we only were because my husband lost his job. She then gave me a form and told me to write out why would didn't pay our registration on time. She took away the late fee's which brought it to $101.00!!! $73.00 difference! I was REALLY happy, she also helped me with a few other things she didn't need to take time to do because most DMV workers I have had... EVERY DMV worker I have ever had doesn't care they just do what you got your number for and get you out of their face as fast as possible and are as rude as they can possibly be. Also we got a rear-view mirror for that same car because some weird-o thought it might be worth something to steal the WHOLE thing... even the sticky thing that keeps it on the windshield... some people.

#2 I also made a weekly meal plan and got most of the ingredients for the next week tonight. I will be going to 2 more stores tomorrow to complete my list but It feels really good to kind of map out the week again, gives me some sort of thing that is consistent which is nice. This week we will be having taco's, lasagna, chicken Alfredo, cheesy macaroni bake (recipe in a post from January or February) and fried rice for dinner. I also have breakfast and lunch meals planned out but the only new thing I am trying besides sandwiches and cereal is BLT pasta salad. Looked good and pretty healthy so it should be fun and easy to make. I hope to get pics and blog like I did a few months ago, but I want to get on a schedule and keep it up.

As of yesterday we are all moved in to our new residence, and surprisingly it is going better than I thought. It still seems a little crazy because of all the things I need to get organized and unpacked and we need to make another trip to put things we wont need for the next 6 months into storage but I hope to get all of it done with in the week. I have been doing things like crazy and I can't believe there is still a ton more! Things are crazy but pretty good. I can't wait for things to get done and slow down for a bit... Maybe I can just sleep for a whole day and rest up lol!

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