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Monday, May 28, 2012

Awesome Progress!

So if you follow me on Facebook you may already know this! I AM A SIZE 6!!! My goal size!!! I can't believe it! AND I WORE A BIKINI today AROUND PEOPLE! I am so excited!!! And proud! I stopped the HCG diet because 13 days in I seriously almost passed out! It was not good and my family agreed that I should not continue the diet. I lost 9 pounds on the diet and a half inch or and inch on every part of my body and was in a size 8. Since I quit that diet I have made good food choices consuming 1200-1800 calories a day. I have been using  My Fitness Pal app and Map My Run app to keep track of my calories and my progress of exercise (today I beat my mile time by 45 seconds!). I LOVE it! Then I share it on Facebook, not twitter because I only want people I really know in person to see my map. It helps me keep me accountable because it will show exactly what I did because of GPS and keeps my time so if I slack people will see. It's great motivation.

 My weight hasn't changed much, it's up and down, mostly down but I really don't care, I am smaller than my pre-pregnancy size (8) and have a bigger bust than I did back then so of course my weight isn't the same when my body isn't the same. SO I have decided to not care about my weight anymore, BUT to focus on being in shape and fit. I still have "loosish" skin in the abs and am learning to get over my stretch marks. Nothing I can really do, realistically about them and I had a freakin' huge baby! lol! And I love her and God knows she was worth EVERYONE! But I am doing plank exercises to flatten out my stomach even more.

Oh and I have little to no cellulite! This is CRAZY! Like a month ago it was there and I thought the dimples would never go away, but I found out yesterday in the dressing room that it's gone! WOO HOO! I am not about showing my body all over the place but it's nice to feel comfortable in my own skin, and to know that I have worked hard to get this way. I haven't felt this way in a LONG LONG time! God is good and he knows that things don't always come easy but hard work and persistence do pay off and that... "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me".Phil 4:13 This is true. I remember this is my 1 temple and his strength can help me keep it up!

Getting this excitement out feels good! I would LOVE to hear from you and your plans or success stories of your weight/fitness. Let's chat it up and motivate each other more!

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