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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"It's gonna be May"... oh wait it is May!

So this cracked me up! It's already May because I never go to bed early BUT through retweets I found this and it made me laugh because if you know the song it's referencing you get it and you should laugh too. BUT just in case you are a little strange or didn't grow up in America or late 90's early 2000's (is that how you say that? Probably not.) Then just click the link > "It's gonna be May" and you will get it... and if you don't... well... I feel bad for you lol!

In all seriousness it's MAY 2012! It's just crazy how time flies! May has a ton of things happening, Graduations, Proms, and a BUNCH of birthdays, at least in my family and friend circle. We are almost 1/2 way through the year! Unreal!

So It has been a little while since I have posted music on my youtube page (please take a look and subscribe > SandyWessel, I have some vlogs and stuff but my music is what I care most about) and I really want to do some more soon! I did KROD this month and that was a TON of fun. I want to collaborate more with people but that seems to be hard to work out with other schedules and with a baby (and the other people who have kids) but I am going to put more effort into making that work. Maybe seeing some more original music from me and my peeps (lol I really just said peeps). I have to get copyrights though... I don't need people stealing my/our future material!

So what would you like to hear from me? What songs do you think my voice would fit, or I could make my own? Challenge me and let's see how many songs I can live up to the challenge on! Comment on this blog, my Youtube video's, and please help me by passing my videos around and making my dreams a reality.

Much Love!

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