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Thursday, April 26, 2012


So I really haven't had a ton of time to just type out all the things in my life right now so I have been vloging about it... not that people care at all what I am doing, but it feels good to talk about it and actually see what I do with my life. Later on I will look back at these days and have memories of... every single day in April lol! (Well only 1/2 this year because I started VEDApril *vlog everyday in April). It's going to be interesting as this generation gets older to see all the things that we almost go back in time and see the past. Video's of our kids are easier than ever to record with the new phone technology so I know that is something I am going to enjoy. Kind of went on a side note there that wasn't intended but I am not disappointed in my thought process lol!

SO today I planned on having a nice rainy day (despite the fact that the rain ruined my farmers market plan) just hanging out in comfy clothes, no make up and a ton of cooking for the rest of the week and then yet again my plans were interrupted. I got a call for a same day interview! I had about 1 hour and 45 minutes to get ready and be at the interview. Actually thinking about it... if I hadn't had plans to go to the market with my friend I probably wouldn't have showered and blow dried my hair and it would have been pretty stressful to feel prepared for an interview. Shows I really have no control over life lol! Who does... (rhetorical question)?

So I get ready and head to the interview... this was a very different interview from any other interview I have ever had because of the environment. It is a shop type setting and I will (assuming I get the job) be doing the office work for. Not your typical cubical, dress nice or semi nice type office. I like this because as my mother in law pointed out, I don't have to spend money on new office attire. I have very limited options at the moment because of baby and weight loss so this is really a good thing. Also I love jeans! And who says I can't look cute at this job? No one! But at least I can choose to be comfy or cute (not that those never go together lol). It's just nice, that's all I am saying.

I think the interview went really well but as I said this is not the typical office interview. It seemed like he was making sure I was ok with the work place more than the questioning my ability (my resume does speak for itself but usually not like this). But I am not really sure about any of it. All I know is I can SO do the job and the hours will be perfect... pay will be better than none at first but if he is telling the truth that will go up. Still not as much as I was making but I am not looking to make a ton of money (but not objecting it either) I just want a job that allows me to be a mostly stay at home mom, keep daycare costs down or not have any and help out more with our monthly budget. I really pray this works out... there isn't much out there period, let alone something that will actually make a profit by avoiding daycare between my husbands shifts and mine. I will find out by Friday he says, but I kind of hope it's a no brainer and he calls me and offers the position tomorrow... wishful thinking I know but hey "It could happen".

If I do get the call I am employed I start Saturday... this Saturday... as in 2 days from now! SCORE!!! Money right away! Can't really beat that at this point.

I have other things to blog about but it's pretty late and I need to try and get to sleep because my daughter can't sleep past 6am lately! Erg,,, I hate mornings...

Oh yeah, I am not reading over this post to look for errors just so you are aware if you find some!

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  1. Best of luck to you! I hope you get that job. It sounds like a good fit for you at the moment, especially under the circumstances. Economy may be picking up a little, but it's still a tight market out there!