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Monday, July 23, 2012

20sb Blog Swap- Childhood Summer Vacation


I am hosting Liz  from     Joyful Calamity        After reading this you will probably want to check out her blog by clicking on her name  (and find my post on my favorite childhood vacation) and find her on Twitter @artemis13_999! Also check her out on 20sb  http://www.20sb.net/profile/LizBaldwin
Enjoy reading about her CHSV!

When I found out the theme of the blog swap this summer was childhood summer vacations, I got so excited.  I tried to figure out which of the fabulous vacations that I remember I would write about.  And then I ran into my first of little snafu….. no photos. Dun, dun dun!   After some stress and writing a couple posts, I finally decided on a vacation destination that I went to many (many!) summers…. My family’s camp on Flagstaff Lake in central Maine.

Honestly, this was (and still is) one of my favorite places to relax and get away from the world.  When I was younger, we would go for a few weeks at a time, generally at the same time that my aunt and cousins were there.  There would be tons of running around, hiking, swimming and canoeing.  One summer we brought out a face painting kit and played as witches, tigers, and other various creatures.  Another we all tie dyed t-shirts.

One of the great things about the camp – at least in my opinion – is that it is literally in the middle of nowhere.  That means no electricity and no running water.  We have to pump water every day to get some ready for drinking.  There is also an outhouse.  Which, let’s face it, it probably not the most enjoyable thing in the world.  We do have lights and a fridge – all gas powered.

I hope that when I have kids one day, I’ll be able to take them out there and help them create their own great memories.

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