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Sunday, July 15, 2012

New happenings!

New things are happening in my world. I came back from Hawaii (very sad to be back, I'd much rather be in Hawaii) and not even a week into being back I am offered a full time job! Praise God he provides! Not only that but I start TOMORROW! CRAZY! I had come back to work at Soma intimates  which only gave me about 8 hours a week at minimum wage, with taxes taken out that came to a whopping $13.95... barely enough to cover gas to work and back. So I gave my weeks in hopes of finding a better paying and full time job so my husband can go back to school. They didn't schedule me for the rest of my time at Soma and then 2 days later I got a job offer! YAY! Things worked out perfect! And my really amazing friend Melissa whom I love dearly and trust with my life is going to take care of my daughter! I am blessed to have her available on that short of a notice to watch her. I know she will be well taken care of and loved.

With all these blessings I have some pain though, I am no longer going to be a stay at home mom... this breaks my heart. I know I have been blessed in this day and age to have had the 2 years home with her that I have had (with on and off part time work) but I do feel guilty leaving her with someone (anyone) who is not her mom. I wanted so badly to stay at home until she was in school but I know that my husband getting his accounting degree will help us in the future financially and be worth this time of work. Does anyone get this? The feeling like you are a horrible mother because you have to work? It totally sucks.

I am excited at the same time... except I will be up super early. I plan on getting up at 4:30am to work out for 30 minutes and then get ready so I can be out the door at 6:15am. Both of these time are disgusting hours of the day to me lol! I hate mornings... If you read any of my posts you might know it's because I have insomnia. This will be a big hurdle to jump. I hate anything before 10am lol! SO i pray this job is a good one and oh ya... it's through a temp agency so if I like it I hope I get hired on. The pay is good so for sure I'd take it if it is a good one. Pray for me to sleep!

On another note! VEDA is coming up!! WHAT IS VEDA you ask? Vlog Every Day in August! So I am asking you to participate! I am! View this link VEDA and sign ups start tomorrow 7/16/12 ! ALSO PLEASE comment on this post with your youtube channel link is you are participating so I can make sure I watch your VEDA videos!

Hope you all join!

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