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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ever feel detached?

I never thought I would miss my phone. I realize now how much I use if for everyday:
Youtube (because I am participating in VEDA check it out )
Pictures of random cute things my daughter does
Videos for Karaoke Ring of Death and VEDA and random cute things my daughter does
Alarm Clock
Exercise Tracker
Address Book (Now know as contacts)

That stuff I use on a daily or at least a weekly basis!

I was just thinking I should call my friend... then I remembered I don't have a way to call her because I don't have her number memorized. Erg.

I also feel detached because I recently stopped going to the Church we use to call our home Church, and a lot of our friends are there, and I have been working like a crazy person plus commute time and I miss all of my friends so much! I feel like it has been forever since we hung out!

Today for VEDA I took the Meyers Brigs Personality test and my results were ENFJ (Check out what that means here) The E is for extrovert which I TOTALLY am and I have been deprived of the opportunity to be one! I feel so detached! I need to be around some people! Physically I need to see them and laugh and who knows go dance and sing some Karaoke! (Hint Hint friends)

On the bright side of feeling detached, I am looking forward to an AMAZING weekend with my best friend whom I have not seen (in person) in 3 years!!! I am so excited!!! It's always like we never left each other when we get together!

So let's get you in on this... Are you detached latley? Do you feel the need to be around people? Click this >>>Personality Test and tell me what your results are, if they're accurate and what the letters mean (you Google the letters to get a better description). I really am interested to know!

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