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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April KROD!!!

KROD is Here for April! I am happy to be Hosting Helly! She sings really well! Take a listen to her and her karaoke partner singing Crusin' for this months theme of Duets! Also check out her blog http://heckledtrio.blogspot.com/

 You can find me on Cassie's Blog  www.WittyTitleHere.com singing with one of my best friends!!!



  1. I know I'm jumping the gun because Cassie hasn't posted yours yet, Sandy, but I came across your video on YouTube while viewing Carolina's (whom I'm hosting) and couldn't resist taking a peek-- you and your friend sound fantastic! Your voices harmonize so well together :-)

  2. Aww THANK YOU SO MUCH!! That just made my night! You guys sound great too! I love that you actually go out and do Karaoke, I LOVE doing that!

  3. Also you should subscribe to my youtube I post a bunch of videos and hope to be adding more duets soon!

  4. Ah I love this! I wish I had someone to sing with for karaoke! Totally jealous!

  5. You guys sound absolutely amazing! This was so adorable. Definitely destroys any KROD that I have ever done!