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Saturday, February 25, 2012

I need out!!! and Adoption?

I need out! I am so sick of just going going going, being busy busy busy with just daily things and cleaning things and baby things lol! I just want a night out to not have a huge plan! Just a few drinks with some close friends. I had a pretty good evening with my husband which was MUCH needed... we've been going through some stuff and haven't connected for a while. It's tough. But now he is wiped out and zonked out lol. But I just want to d-stress and relax or let loose with some people. Dance maybe I don't know. Just something fun that isn't everyday stuff. Am I alone? I have "cabin fever" as some people say. But flat broke doesn't get you very far lol!

We might be making some big changes next month... in a few area's. If conversations go well. Pray for us as we start talking more about these things and making decisions that they are God's will and good for our little family... SPEAKING of family (great transition lol)

With one of my best friends having her 4th kid Friday and seeing my daughter play with her 3 kids I was watching so her and her husband didn't have to worry about them and could take the time they need with the new baby, it has made me think. I have been pretty dead set against putting myself in a situation of life or death by having another baby physically BUT the thought has been crossing my mind that I want another child within the next 2 or 3 years... so maybe we should start looking into adopting now because I know it can take a long time to adopt. But we are not in a position to have another baby right now... but if we don't take the step of starting the process how far are we pushing back the date of having a child? I don't know. Maybe I should talk to some new doctors and see what the risks are again for having another baby physically. It is really scary though.

I blog to get things off my mind and my chest. I know some people read these and I really like that, especially when I get feedback. That is what I love the most. I love having other opinions and advice especially from people who have the knowledge on what I am talking about, like switching McKayla into a twin bed... LOVE the fact that I had help making that decision because it was more affirming that so many others though what I was already thinking and did it and had good results. So Please comment and on anything I say or ask. Life is a big Journey and we were not meant to walk it alone.


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