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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bed decision and Glasses

SO! We called up my cousin and told her I wanted the Twin bed and BAM we went to get it! Great decision! Thank you to all who confirmed my thoughts! She LOVES it! She was running around on it and squealing out of excitement, My cousin also got me a really cute bed set to put on it! What a nice gal! I got all the sheets washed and dried but the comforter still needed to dry so I will get a pic of that up tomorrow. Very happy with this transition too. She was OUT after about 5 minutes of laying down. Also I can lay down with her if I want, which I don't very often because she thinks it's play time but I could if I wanted to. Nice to know.

Next up! I got glasses!!! I am actually embracing the fact the I need glasses for distance and to correct my astigmatism. I think that is how you spell it but really I have no idea... that was what spell check brought up lol!!! I am thinking of them as an accessory. I was worried of what my husband would think but he actually really likes them! Yay! He isn't the kind of husband that would just lie and say they look good even if they didn't so I am glad. What do you think?

Wow 2 blog posts in 1 day! I am on a roll!

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