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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Taxes and my Daughter

So I am finally writing another blog! I can't believe how off track I got.
I have been trying to do the meal planning as the budget allows, but it hasn't exactly been great. I made a few other dishes I still need to upload but it hasn't been as organized as I would have liked because of the budget. Hopefully our Tax return is awesome so I can get these creditors off my back and get our second car running. If we do that then we might not move...

Oh I didn't tell you? We might be moving. I really don't want to, but I also really don't want to be struggling like this every month. It is very frustrating. It seems like we are short between $50-$200 every month and then something has to get put on the back burner. I keep rotating every other month the things I pay. So If I paid Smud last month I will pay something else this month... ect. It isn't fun at all. I am praying we get a lot of money from our tax return. I really don't think we will get this much BUT if we did get $7000, I'd pay off our only financed car at the moment and then we'd have $210 more every month! That would be ideal and then... it would be ours!! That is our biggest debt at the moment, not too bad if we were in a different income bracket lol! But I'd really prefer paying off these ANNOYING credit cards... ugh... never again... really NEVER AGAIN! I will not have another credit card. I will put the payments I have been making to them in savings and create an emergency fund instead of using a credit card as an emergency fund.

Another thing I'd like to talk about is my daughter moving out of her crib. She was scaring me in the crib so I finally said forget it, I don't care if we don't have a cute little toddler bed, we will have one soon, and put her mattress on the floor. I wanted to see how she would do too. She didn't do too bad. I laid down with her for probably 20 minutes, but she just beat me up lol! She knew what it was for, she laid down on it but when I left she got scared. I think the bars of the crib provided a sense of security. She ran to the door and opened it twice, then all the times after that... there were quite a few, she would run to where she could see the door and then just stand there with her stuffed lion and cry hysterically. After, I don't even know how long she finally settled down and fell asleep on her mattress. I checked on her about 2 hours later (to make sure she was in a a deep sleep so I didn't wake her coming in and have to start the process all over) and she was so cute cuddled up with her stuffed animals and blanket.

This morning she had a whole new experience getting up and playing with toys instead of calling for me to come get her out of bed. I had blocked the door with a toy bin stand so the if she tried to escape I would hear her and be able to react. She saw it then just went back to playing lol. She had a blast. I think she is ready for this change. I just can't wait until we get the toddler bed...

Question to mom's reading this... I have the option of getting a twin bed for her right now and it has a bar to prevent her from falling out... should I skip the toddler bed and go straight to a twin since it is free? and then I wont have to buy a bed for a long time?  Feedback much appreciated.


  1. I'm not a mom, but I had a twin bed growing up that lasted me years (until college). I never had a toddler bed. Kids grow fast!

  2. Most cribs now days will convert in to a day bed! we took the side rail off for Wyatt and he loves it!!! then we feel upon a toddler bed at a yard sale a few months ago for 15 bucks!! Wyatt was in a day bed at 9 months and a toddler bed since 11 months it is amazing he can put himself to bed and get up in the morning a play a little bit giving me a few more mins to sleep!