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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bunches of stuff

So what is up with gas prices? Can I say price gouging? I mean I saw over a $.40 increase in less than a week... this economy sucks and gas prices going up really isn't something that should be happening at all. You'd think they'd put more effort into a country that most rely on vehicle transportation to make sure the people who are being hit by the economy can at least attempt to make it to an interview or prospect jobs. If they can't, they can't spend money, if they can't spend money more people have to shut down their businesses and so on a so forth. What the heck is going on in this world... more like what's not I guess.

Enough about that... On a more positive note! My daughter made a little tinkle in the potty today!!! Now she is so excited to sit on the toilet even if nothing happens and claps her hands and says pee pee!!! It really is hilarious! Oh and yes I have decided to try potty training... and yes this early. This may start some mommy minds going thinking I should wait but all I have to say is I have heard MANY stories on this and every kid is different. I think she is ready to start learning. She is excited about it and that is a good thing... do I think she has a clue what is going on yet, not for the most part, but that is my husbands and my job to teach her, as my friend put it that "she can control her functions". I am excited about it. If it's too soon I will find out shortly.

I have been watching Deadliest Catch on Netflix for a while now and I am finishing the last episode (that is on Netflix) today... The boat the Wizard was out for like 6 weeks and the deck hands made $81,000!!! Seriously!!!??!!! That is insane... but I wouldn't do there job if they offered me $5 million! That is just not cool... I mean I hardly ever sleep but I don't run around doing physical exercise for 16-48 hours straight... no way! I am kind of sad that this is the last episode. I love watching the weather and realizing how much control we don't have over things. When you see the huge wave take on MASSIVE boats, it's just like WOW God, you are BIG lol!

Anyway... keep praying for the changes on the possible move (almost seems inevitable now), some new ideas have come up and it is out of our hands so I just pray it all works out for everyone. I was looking again at some apartments that do affordable housing and we qualify for one to pay $611... but the wait list is closed and long, the others were $782 and they were also closed and long... I feel like I can't win. I am applying for jobs and following up with leads and it's absolutely dead. So I just have to keep my eyes up and know that God knows better than I do and he wont give me anything I can't handle without him. We'll see what our taxes bring, still waiting on our refund number.

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