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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just got a little sad

I am sitting here on the computer sending out emails for an event coming up in the next few weeks, McKayla is sound asleep in her little bed... which as promised here are a few pictures.

Now don't mind that because of the insane amount of drool she has from teething she is somewhat dressed like a boy at the moment but I can assure you she is not. lol anyway...

But I am sitting here after I sent out my emails looking at facebook and catching up on my friends out of state and I see this picture:
And it made me sad, for a few reasons. First it reminded me of my miscarriage. Even thought it is coming up on a year since I miscarried it still can feel like salt in a fresh wound sometimes. It totally sucks. I am not in tears sad but just sad, like a part of me is missing, because it is. Second, I just found out a friend of mine miscarried... I feel her pain too. I mean I can relate completely. She has 1 child and then miscarried and so do/did I. It hurts, and yet you have to be strong or feel then need to be strong in front of the child you are so blessed to have had. It's a roller-coaster and is not easy to get over. I knew times like this would come and still will but it is weird what can just spark up that emotion again. This makes sense since it is a picture of delivery, but sometimes it doesn't have to be anything to do with children or pregnancy at all, it just happens. Hmmpphhh... one day... one day we will meet our babies in Heaven all perfect and beautiful. My hope lies there. Thank you Lord for that comfort.

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