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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New year

New Years Resolutions. Yes I made them and I (like everyone else) intend on keeping them. Here they are:
Get under my pre-pregnancy weight and I will have you know I only need to loose 12 more lbs to get to my pre-pregnancy weight!!! I am doing good! lol. Although I know I was not fat by any means at my pre-pregnancy weight, I wasn't where I wanted to be physically. I am not afraid to say what I weighed and what I now weigh and what I want to weigh so let me break it down:
Pre-Pregnancy- 144lbs
Pregnancy- 199lbs (YIKES)

Currently- 156lbs!!
Goal- 135-140lbs

Reasonable right? I think so. I have come along way since I have been able to work out after my second pregnancy in March. I have lost 43lbs!!! and only have 15-20 more to hit my goal weight. I am 5'4" so 130-140lbs is good for me.

My 2nd Resolution helps my first one. DRINK MORE WATER!!! My mother-in-law got me a Britta pitcher because I hate that I am, but I am one of those bottled water girls... I hate tap. Even though I bought one one time that said it was bottled where I live... Stupid. Anyway It has helped me a ton! I found I have a water bottle that holds 24oz, and the minimum you should drink is 64oz a day. Well I drank 72oz yesterday by filling it up 3 times! I felt accomplished.

My 3rd and Final Resolution (unless I join 12 changes in 12 months) is that I am going to expose myself more musically. I have started doing that by using youtube. I have been doing a Karaoke type thing for now, but I will also start working on my own music again soon. I post my video's on facebook and hope people share and that others will randomly start finding me on youtube and subscribe. You can subscribe to me by clicking this link Sandywessel and tell your friends! Some are serious some are fun, and some are funny!

What are your resolutions? 


  1. You know you want to join! Make water your January goal, February you can focus on the music even more. March can be about eating smarter, April can be about more exercise. If you keep going with that stuff, the weight will come off without you having to think about it!

  2. I know I do too! Is this Kati or someone else doing the 12 in 12?

  3. Our current weights & our goal weights are the same. For some reason I feel this is worth mentioning. I agree with your other commenter, the 12 changes could be a great way for you to tackle that goal in smaller steps & be less overwhelming. Before I had my kids I was 135. I gained my weight after (hi depression) & slowly kept gaining until last spring I was 199. Not a good look for me. I'm Stuck here at 156 and plan on using the 12 changes to help get me back back on track. So far I'm doing good on my goal for Jan to get back into the gym and not so good on the 2nd part to blog it on our group weight loss/get in shape blog. Ugh.

    You should consider the 12 changes as a way to give smaller goals. Obv I can have 24 or 8, whatever is manageable for you. Either way, I'm Sure you can do it, esp with awesome twitter people to cheer you on. :)

  4. I am glad you mentioned it! It's a strange thing to feel some comfort from someone being in the same boat as you. Now we can cheer each other one! Oh and I did join 12 in 12